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ces.According to Tao Dayun, director of International Cooperation Division in Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in Hanoi, captical city of Vietnam, Baoshan county in Yunnan, Sino-Vietnam Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park and Vietnam-China A

gricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park are under const▓ruction; the "Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendly Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park" which is located in Siem Reap province of Cambodia is to be completed in October,2009 ; Besides the "northern Laos agricultural science and technology demonstration and promotion center" has been officially started in July, 2009."The four parks ▓constructed with the three countries have d

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September 12, 2012

ent climate characters and national demand." Tao sai▓d.The Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendly Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park focuses on the demonstration of hybrid rice, maize, flowers and fruit ga

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September 9, 2012

ina Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park in BaoShan focuses on introducing varieties of tropical fruits in Vietnam to China, suc▓h as the mango, grapefruit, guava and other tropical fruits as wel

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echnology M▓useum will open to public on September 16th after three-year c▓onstruction. Locating inside the Beijing Olympic Park, it borders the Bird's Nest▓ and Water Cube.The new museum's main structure looks like a huge cu▓be jigsaw puzzle. With a construction floor space of 102 thous

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ds square meters. There are four special effects cinemas and five themes of display, named 'Children's Science Paradise', 'Glory of China'▓, 'Exploration and Discovery', 'Science, Technology and Life' and 'The Challenges and the Future'.Deputy curator Xin Bing said, 'The new museum feat

ures dissemination of science and educational functions more.'New